Final exam

Software to download; GUI Connection (how to) to the cloud
Part 1:


Question 1:

FFmpeg is an extremely powerful and versatile command line (CLI) tool (program at our server) for video and audio processing for the web.

General command with ffmpeg:
ffmpeg   -i    input_file   […parameter list…]   output_file

  1. We can make a video of length 7 seconds from an image named etoilles.jpg  by using the program ffmpeg at our server.  At a terminal, type the CLI command:

ffmpeg  -loop 1  -i  etoilles.jpg   -c:v  libx264  -t 7 -pix_fmt   yuv420p  fleurs.mp4

[input is etoilles.jpg  and output is fleurs.mp4, a video.]

2.  Aidez-moi à insérer efficacement de l’audio (fleurs.wav) sur notre vidéo fleurs.mp4;
Help me to effectively insert audio into our video flowers.mp4, above in (1);

ffmpeg -i fleurs.mp4 -i  fleurs.wav -c:v copy -c:a aac  -strict experimental fleurs_audio.mp4

3. Your final resulting video should look like this video; except that there should be NO watermark (Glendon emblem). Afficher SVP ce résultat (“embed”)  à votre URL; and embed it in an html page at the URL:

Help/Voir:  URL at w3schools
Question 2:

Exercises en html5 –   HTML_5_exercise (PDF).

Copy and paste the html code from PDF document into separate web pages at your site for practice. View the results in a web browser 

Copiez et collez le code html du document PDF dans des pages Web distinctes sur votre site. Afficher les résultats dans un navigateur Web 

Part 2:

Questions (html5):

  1. Other Sample Test Questions — sample_questions PDF;
  2. TP 1; correctionPDF; Correction/Solution: TP 1
  3. TP 2; correction — PDF


Review materials:


  1. Theory: PDF (html5, css, animation)
  2. Nested List: word file; pdf file
  3. Table & html 5: PDF  PDF (Francais)
  4. Summary: html5 – PDF
  5. Client-server cloud : GUI – LINK